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Channels of Distribution for Profit

The retail is one kind of process in which the consumer goods or consumer services is done through multiple distribution channels for profit. The canada retail agency is one which try to do the same and satisfy the demand by the supply chain. The retailer is a    provider who provide service by filling small orders from individuals which are large in number which are called as the end users.

Retailers Strategies:

The retailer strategic level will start from the store type which he or she have chosen, then the market to which served, the product which are optionally assorted, most important is costumed service and supporting service. Once this all procedures are done the retailer will start the process of retail mix which is done with the products in which presentation, personnel,price, place will be taken care off. Presently due to increase in the digital age the retailer is reaching the customer by multiple channels which is included with online and in person retailing. The goods and services are also paid on time with the help of the digital technology. The service is also included with credit, free delivery, stylist services, advisory and other supporting services.

Normally in the retailing the plan is executed as per the vision and guidance of how the product will go ahead in retail decision and how the product will give the customers maximum satisfaction. Normally a detail environmental scan should be done by the retailer to get the exacta picture how well the product will go ahead in the competitive and forced marginal environment.This should be reviewing every few years as to get an idea how good the product is going ahead.

 There few elements to be followed by the retailer

  • market analysis – Most important is the size of the market,trends, attractiveness of the market what is the stage of the market and how much competitive is the market.
  • Analysis of the customer – Segmentation of the market,habits,preference of the brand, needs and wants, habits of the media
  • Internal analysis – technology,financial, human resource capabilities
  • Competition analysis – Any substitutes are available or not,competitors how strength they are, trends in the competitive ness
  • Product Mix and review – How much profitability in the product line, stocking turnover, sales as per the square foot.

Summing up:

The retail is one kind of process in which the consumer goods or consumer services is done through multiple distribution channels for profit. The retailer is a    provider who provide service by filling small orders from individuals which are large in number which are called as the end users.

Traditional Marketing versus Online Marketing

Traditional Marketing versus Online Marketing

Without any form of advertising or marketing, no one would know about your business’ products or services. To get the word out about your company’s offerings, there are different ways to go about sending information to consumers. Albeit there are tons of choices available on how you can go about marketing and advertising, your options can fall under two major categories: traditional marketing and online marketing.


The Difference between Traditional Marketing and Online Marketing Channels

The most noticeable difference between online marketing and traditional marketing is the method of distribution.

When you opt for traditional marketing, there are different mediums to choose from, and these may include the following:

  • Billboards and signage
  • Direct mail
  • Brochures and fliers
  • Banners on establishments
  • Newspaper and magazine ads
  • Radio and television commercials

As for online marketing, it mainly uses digital means to get the word across to your targeted audiences. Nowadays, social media is one of the most popular ways to publicize content, and there are even a significant percentage of businesses with an online presence use the power of social networking portals to distribute information about their products and services, and YouTube has been a well noted medium among them,. Some popular online content distribution methods include:

  • Writing articles
  • Blog posts (either to your own website or as a guest poster)
  • White papers and eBooks
  • Infographics
  • YouTube channels
  • Email newsletters
  • Videos, podcasts, and webinars

Out of the online marketing methods mentioned above, creating videos and posting them on popular streaming websites such as YouTube can grant your website with dozens, to hundreds, to even thousands of visitors per day.

While these are your different options for marketing and advertising, know that all of them come with their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. YouTube had already caught a top place among Social Medias, through which people can boost their Business outreach..

The Cost of Marketing

Many businesses, especially start-up firms that only employ traditional marketing methods might be in for a rough start. It is because advertising options such as radio and TV advertisements cost a lot of money.

On the contrary, start-up companies can take advantage of the power of the Internet to spread the word to audiences through low-cost means. Some methods of online branding can even be free of charge, particularly if the person in charge of the online marketing operations already has the necessary level of expertise to spread information about the business to targeted markets. For example, posting a YouTube video is free, but creating one video might require an expert’s touch. Through such well created video, you will be able to show off the real face of your Core Business.

Of course, companies can also opt for paid online marketing methods to help gain more viewers and audiences, along with precision targeting for their markets. Albeit named as paid services, these online marketing methods are still less expensive than most traditional marketing strategies and tactics.

youtube promotion

What to Choose

So now the question is, which marketing method do you prefer? A follow-up inquiry would be how much are you willing to spend to make your marketing and advertising strategies successful?

If you’re a startup firm, then perhaps online marketing methods might suffice for now, and you have the appeal of YouTube, which can really make your customers follow your products, services or may be something bigger. You might want to mix it up with traditional advertising means once your company attains more income in the future.

Creative and Smart Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Yes, the written word is creative. The ability to promote your YouTube channel can be just as creative, and even smart!

It’s true that written information holds great importance in getting your message across. Everyone understands the power of words. But not everyone understands how much more stimulating visuals are.

Speaking face to face – well, it’s obvious that this serves as the most comprehensive form of relaying a message, but what about the creativity of video communication and learning how to promote my youtube channel?

how to promote my youtube channel


Okay, it’s easy to create a video and tell a few friends about it, but let’s face it, this won’t get you far when it comes to networking and promotion. You will have to reach a whole new level of promotion in order to really get noticed.

Creativity and Intelligence rule

There are several creative and smart ways to promote your YouTube channel. These tactics will bring fast and lasting results which will continue to result in a future increase in views. It’s true, the right moves can put your channel on the map and change your game altogether.

Tweak your reputation

One of the most important aspects of having your own YouTube channel is being taken seriously. So many times people embark upon their “YouTube career” but just cannot set their sights on the right branding and visuals. These things are a must and make the difference between a positive or negative reputation.

IF you want tobe taken seriously, then you must have a professional, yet memorable image and name. Work through some ideas, experiment and then claim the brand and image that works best for you. Also, make sure to match your YouTube branding with that of you social media appearance. Consistency is key here.

Teasers and cross-promotion

Another way to drive traffic to your videos is by cross-promotion. This is really a no-brainer, as your social media followers will generally become your initial YouTubechannel, subscribers. If they haven’t yet done that, then teasers will get them there.

 You simply use a portion of your video to lead members of social media and friends to your channel. Hopefully, this will keep them there long enough to become subscribers. Voila! You’ve found another tool for building your audience.

Optimization through SEO

Here it is again, the tried and true way to gain viewers and promote your YouTube channel. Search engine optimization by using keyword rich playlist titles, tags and descriptions while linking and encouraging shares will boot your videos greatly! The power of SEO is still under-rated and changing from day to day. It’s imperative that you keep up with the changes in order to understand the mechanics of this promotional tool.  Here are few more ways to optimize.

  • Create long video descriptions. The longer the description, the easier it is for the channel to rank your target keyword.
  • Always promote subscribing and encourage comments.
  • Extensive posting to promote views.

Smart but basic!

So, there you have it. Now you are familiar with some creative yet smart ideas about how to promote your YouTube channel. Use these ideas, mix and match, and then remember to update and maintain. This is the recipe, the creative way, to improve your chances as being successful with promoting your YouTube channel the right way.