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Why choose licenses website

The License service enables natural persons (including minors or persons conducting business activity) to conclude (for themselves or another entity: company, organization) and pay online some types of license agreements.

What is a license, and why is it valid?

A license is a permission to use works resulting from a concluded license agreement, based on which an entity authorized under proprietary copyrights (licensor) authorizes the entity that intends to use the work (the licensee) to use the work in the fields of exploitation specified in the license agreement. By the Copyright and Related Rights Act utilizing another person’s job  requires contractor license service  the author’s consent and payment of appropriate remuneration to him. However, it is not always easy to reach the person who is due for the right to work. The option of concluding an online license agreement is a convenient way to obtain a license and, thus, legally use the works. To learn more about permits, licensing procedures, find the answer to the question of whether you need a license, choose a Guide from the left menu.

How to get a license through the licenses Website?

Currently,  contractor license service the Website allows you to conclude several types of licenses online. For a full list of supported license types, choose Calculate Fee from the left menu. We anticipate a gradual expansion of online license offerings.

 If you do not have such an Internet account (login) yet, register and create an “Account” type Internet account, log in, and registration is available on the left side of the window.

contractor license service

License benefits

Under copyright law, the use of someone else’s work requires the author’s consent and payment of appropriate remuneration to him separately for each way of using the work (Article 17, Article 45 of copyright). This is possible with individual works (e.g., staging of a theatrical play), however, when using many works in a given activity, it can be considered that it is very difficult or even impossible, and also with permanent use of the works (e.g., broadcasting works by radio emission) also unprofitable.

Effects of operation without a license

Users using works without a license:

  • violates the law,
  • Exposes themselves to civil liability of Art. Seventy-nine of the copyright law (this may result, for example, in the obligation to pay double or even triple the remuneration due to the creator and the necessity to pay at least twice the amount of probable benefits resulting from the infringement of copyright, to the Fund for the Promotion of Creative Activity established at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage),
  • May be required to pay interest and bear the costs of court proceedings (Article 359 of the Civil Code and Article 98 of the Code of Civil Procedure),

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