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Use of Marijuana – What You Need To Know

There has been so much of debate over medical use of the marijuana. There are many products that include extract from this plant as ingredient to decrease pain and relieve anxiety, however, latest remedy that hit the shelves– Marijuana Lube that assures to improve users’ sex lives –can be one step too far.

But, in theory, lube helps the people who are suffering from the conditions that can cause them pain during sex, like vaginismus – where vaginal muscles in women tense up involuntarily –and vulvodynia –chronic pain and discomfort experienced in vulva.

The Science

Just like with different medical marijuana applications, using this for the sexual pleasure doesn’t essentially mean that you will get very high, as many products use legal cannabidiol (CBD) extract. But, some Manta’s lubricants include well-known THC compound that is cast as the class B drug in some countries.

legal cannabidiol

Gel or liquid squeezed from the plastic tube

However, a fact is things just are not as easy as that. The main theory behind making use of CBD in the sex products may be sound, but there are complex issues that you need to think about while it comes about treating people with any inhibiting conditions. Vagina will certainly get used as the route to take medicine that is required in the entire body; like having medicine to be inserted rectally. Blood supply to the areas is good and thus absorption of anything, whether it is the painkiller or hormonal treatment, would be fast. Thus, if you ever put enough in the lubricant, there is not any doubt some will have the happy-making effect that no doubt can be very helpful.  Problem is some women [experiencing vaginal pain during their sex] are vulnerable as they are desperate, like women who had repeated miscarriages – and they will do whatever you will tell them to make that workout.

Are you suffering from the painful sex?

Suppose you ever experience any pain during the sexual activity then you can take comfort in fact that you are not alone. The surveys recommend that around 30% of the women might experience such kind of discomfort –however, there are the steps that you may take to try & make things simple for you.

Relax – This may sound simple, however ‘switching off’ before you have sex is important while it comes about having the good time. Make sure you create the relaxing environment to have sex – no matter whether it is playing music or dimmed lighting.

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