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Top 5 Tips to Find the Best Pet Friendly Hotel in Vail

Are you a pet owner and looking for the best hotel for pet? It can be the difficult part of the trip as you do not want to leave your furry friend behind. In the recent survey, half of the travelers said that they do not travel with their pets due to the inconvenience & one biggest hurdle is to find the best pet friendly hotels vail. In this post, we will look at some top tips that will help you search for the best pet friendly hotels in Vail.

  1. Find the Hotel Offering Pet Essentials

Food, coats, bedding, and essentials… you always have to carry these things when traveling with your pet, particularly during winter months and when weather is unpredictable. You must look for the hotel that offers pet “essential pack” with items like toys, bowls, food, treats and clean up bags. Most of the pet friendly hotels provide this facility.

pet friendly hotels vail

  1. Check Out If There Are Any Pet Fees

Make sure you first check out with the hotel and know that your pet will cost higher than your room. There are a few hotels in Vail that allow pets to stay free, some need certain amount in a deposit, which is refunded back when the management finds the room hasn’t been eaten and destroyed. Some hotel charges certain fee for pets. At times it is very nominal, but sometimes it is very high, usually it is reasonable.

  1. City Attractions Are Easy to Reach

Walking is one important activity of your dog’s day hence you need to check out what type of facilities or attractions are nearby. Some hotels have various suggestions for pet friendly outings, whereas others have got some hidden treasures like country parks on doorstep. It is worth to ask their staff for tips – particularly if they are pet owners themselves.

  1. No Restrictions

A pet friendly hotel must not apply any kind of restrictive conditions over your pet and you. But, often you will find one rule where you can’t leave your dog alone in the room and should hire or pay for hotel’s pet-sitter. Next demand that is often seen is you should keep your dog in crate when they are alone in a room.

  1. Search For Dog Friendly Activities

There are a few suggested pet friendly activities when on a vacation that include walking and bike path, hiking, breweries, beaches, markets, and monuments and parks. Make sure you pet gets enough of activities to do when on a holiday.

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