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Things that can suspend your license

  1. The first reason is when you did not pay court fines, and then your license will get suspended. Some states may suspend or revoke the license of a resident when they fail to pay their court fees. Other costs include criminal penalties and fines for violations, as well as fees for entry into an alcohol protection program.
  2. One of the biggest crimes that one can ever commit is Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI). In this case, the court in your state will order you to accept the penalties such as fines and jail time. Aside from them, they also suspend your license.

The period of your license suspension relies upon the number of previous DUI charges on your record:

  • First time – Suspension for a year
  • The second time – License suspended for 3 years
  • More than 2 times – License will be revocated, confiscation and confiscation of the vehicle.

One should not drive after their license has been revoked, if you do, then it is considered as a crime and you have to pay fine.

Based on the working of your DUI case, you may be able to obtain prohibited driving privileges. By which you will be able to drive but only for certain conditions. If you violate this, it is treated in the same way as driving on a revoked license.

  1. Judges generally punish all types of offenses relating to motor vehicles when your license is suspended. Generally, these include offenses involving hit-and-run, vehicular assault and dangerous driving, such as a battery, homicide or vehicular homicide.
  2. For driving, it is a must that the driver should have car insurance. In this situation, in addition to penalties, your plates and license are seized and suspended respectively.

To know more about the license suspension, visit this page.

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