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The Ultimate Collection of Anime Art Books

Every artist gets inspiration in the work they enjoy. Some digital artists enjoy video game concept art, but others enjoy Disney images. Anime art, on the other hand, has a distinct style. The Japanese have their own distinct style of animation, and if you enjoy anime movies/TV series, you’ll love these art books.

Illustrations by Kazuki Takahashi for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Every artist finds inspiration in their favourite work. Some digital artists like video game concept graphics, while others prefer Disney imagery. In contrast, anime art has a particular style. The Japanese have their own particular animation style, and if you prefer anime movies/TV shows, you’ll adore these art books.

There is a lot of uncommon concept art here covering not just the cards, but also the creatures and characters from the show. There are also a few interviews with various artists and Takahashi himself describing the emergence of Yu-Gi-Oh! As a worldwide raw manga phenomenon.

The Complete Illustrations of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is another hugely successful Americanized anime series. This began as a manga and was eventually adapted into a TV show and a follow-up anime, Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball: The Complete Illustrations honours both animes as well as the whole Dragon Ball series. Inside, you’ll find rare concept drawings from the mid-1980s, when Dragon Ball was initially launched in Japan.

Everyone from Goku to Piccolo and Vegeta has some fantastic concept art. However, the production art extends beyond the individuals to encompass settings, buildings, vehicles, and even action sequences that are developed in drawings.

Illustrations for the 20th Anniversary of Pokémon Adventures

Everyone and their granny have heard about Pokémon. It caught the globe by storm and swiftly became one of the world’s most popular video games, mangas, and animes. There are no special anime art books for the Pokémon series available. There is, however, a new book named Pokémon Adventures 20th Anniversary Pictures, which has 170 pages of concept art and never-before-seen illustrations. This artbook includes the Adventures mangas that follow characters other than Ash Ketchum. Because these mangas have comparable visual styles and feature the same Pokémon you’ve grown to adore, this book is essentially a big collection of uncommon Pokémon concept art.

Fullmetal Alchemist’s Art

The film The Art Of Fullmetal Alchemist follows Edward and Alfonse on their enigmatic quest for the philosopher’s stone. This series began as a manga but swiftly evolved into a hugely successful anime of the same name. These publications, however, are not exactly concept art books. Instead, they concentrate on the series’ completed artwork and character designs.

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