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Sprained ankle: exercises and physical therapy for recovering quickly

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is a sort of treatment that uses a variety of methods to help with the treatment of injuries, illnesses, and deformities, including massage, exercises, heat therapy, electrotherapy, patient education, and counselling. Physiotherapists are the professionals who perform this treatment.

How is it helpful?

Physio for sprained ankle has been shown to improve outcomes in a variety of musculoskeletal diseases, both in terms of severity and function. It may even eliminate the need for surgery if it is performed diligently and is enough to help the individual recover from the injury or the issue. It has also helped manage various age-related issues like diabetes, scoliosis, and other vascular problems. Even if surgery is imminent, one can highly benefit from physiotherapy both pre-op and post-op.

Ankle sprains:

An ankle sprain occurs when the tough bands of tissue and ligaments that wrap and connect the bones in the ankle joint get injured. It usually happens when there is a twist or turn of the ankle in an odd position by mistake. This can cause ligaments to strain or rip, as well as tendons and capillaries in the nearby areas.


This can be treated by physical therapy. A few exercises one can try that will help fix and strengthen the injured muscles. Firstly, start with a range of motion exercises like towel curls. Then one can move on to strengthening exercises like towel stretch, calf stretch, etc. followed by a few balancing exercises. Depending on the severity of the sprain, one should see the doctor before performing any of these exercises.

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