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Some Amazing Facts About Using LED Video Wall

All content is optimized on the big screen. There is no comparison between a normal digital sign and a full video wall that guarantees that your content will be discovered. A normal banner shows limited information, while a video wall can display a large amount of information. Why are companies investing in video walls? Everyone has their own individual needs for setting up their own video wall. Depending on the content to be transferred. Some of the main applications of led video wall in singapore are listed below.

Full screen visible

LED display solution that dazzles viewers with great graphics and video displays. This full screen visual image is mainly used in high volume venues such as stadiums, halls, grounds, etc. Due to the large and clear display, every detail can be seen from a distance. These video walls are specially designed for all seasons and are waterproof.

Data connections

These are common in transportation industries like airports. The passenger does not know where to turn and when his flight will arrive. These screens show all the details about the flight and contain updated information. Video wall solutions are not only used inside the airport, but are also used outside the terminal buildings.

One source per screen

Multiple displays means multiple ports. Displaying multiple information on each screen can be very important. Viewers can view multiple information at the same time.

Social media boards

The LED display solution shows different social networks simultaneously. This allows viewers to view a post from multiple sites of their choice.

Includes industries that use this video wall

Retail, entertainment, banking, automotive, healthcare, education, transportation / airport, sports stadiums, concert halls, auditorium, sports stadium, hoarding and advertising, clubs and bars

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