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Protein Powder: All You Want to Know Before Buying

If you are putting in several hours in the gym, lifting dumbbell and doing various exercises, it is completely natural to expect stronger and bigger muscles. Sadly, if you are not making same effort in your kitchen to make sure you eat the right type of food that will help and support your exercise regime, effect of your workout will be a bit disappointing.

Right food means taking right amount of protein that is important for rebuilding and repairing your lost muscles cells after the tough workout session. Benefits of protein are not just limited to repairing and building muscle: it is also need for various critical bodily functions as well as has happy knack to make you feel longer that reduces the chance of choosing sweet and fatty snacks just to fill your stomach. Thus, it is very important that you look for the top 5 best protein powders and make the right choice.

Why You Must Use Protein Powder?

Many people get their required amount of protein from the food. However, some try to do it and discover it is costly, inconvenient, or uncomfortable to eat so much. That is when the protein powders will prove to be one big help for you. The daily allowance of protein starts at low of over 0.8 grams kilogram of your body weight for the sedentary adults, and 0.36 grams of body weight.  However, many factors will make it preferable to consume more, which includes:

  • Preserving your muscle mass when dieting
  • Training to add strength and muscle
  • Higher activity level & athletics
  • Age-related loss

How Much of Protein Is Required?

The baseline needs for adults will be 0.75g of the dietary protein for every kilogram of their bodyweight daily. That comes to 55g a day for an average man & 45g a day for an average woman. But, for anybody who wants to muscle-up and sculpt their bodies or improve the athletic performance —the amount increases further. To improve muscle growth, the research recommends the consumption:

  • 3 to 1.8g of kilogram of bodyweight a day (amount between 2 points depends over training status);
  • Over 1.8-2g kilogram of bodyweight a day during energy restriction period just to prevent the muscle loss –double the recommendations.

Serving suggestions for protein powders are generally around 30g. Research suggests it is an ideal amount for repairing any damage done by the training & start muscle protein synthesis; this is a process where new muscle tissue will be laid down.

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