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Notes on benefits and disadvantages of video games

Games are stress busters for most of us. Some of the human population prefer pageant tasks, few colouring activities, a few adventurous shooting games like the one from오피가이드 . One of the reasons for choosing to participate online through a desktop or mobile is convenience. Apart from comfort, there are other benefits and risks for a gamer as briefly discussed below.


Our mental and physical abilities are affected by digital entertainment activities in many ways. Common effects are

  • Players require intense focus to win a game, which means an individual who constantly makes efforts to move a level ahead polishes his playing skills along with the attention quality.
  • Patience is one of the skills many participants develop in the process of completing segments in a stage to move forward.
  • Improved gaming abilities can be achieved with regular the contribution in the digital sport.
  • Easy hands; winners attain the knowledge and ease to use technology. A regular customer’s hands have a good grip over keyboard and mouse usage.


  • Addiction to the system is a common issue faced by teenagers and adults. Once a person is curious about the destination, he keeps breaking the records until he fulfils his urge to see the final stage. And as everyone knows, there are games with fewer levels or unending levels. If the interesting activity has hundreds of levels to complete, the curious being is bound to get addicted.
  • Vision issues can be acquired due to uninterrupted screen time.
  • Lack of accountability is a byproduct of addiction, a player may neglect other important activities and may have catastrophic consequences in a few cases.
  • Spinal damage because of prolonged sitting posture has been recorded in the medical reports of the extremists.
  • A few people experience moods swings such as sudden irritability, anger, sadnessbecause of the longer social inactivity and psychological effects of the sport on the mind.


Entertainment lovers can become smarter and sharper with indulgence in creative and level breaking digital events. However, negligence to mental, physical, social health can cause abonnement by dear ones and above-listed issues. This is why every gamer must set time limits even in an interesting game offered by 오피가이드 for a healthy lifestyle.

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