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Nimbus Sought To Change The Perception Of The Singaporean Workforce

Founded by one-time Oxford and London Stock Exchange entrepreneur Daniel Tong, with his core team experience in technology and services, They have come a long way from humble beginnings to a team of hundreds of people creating innovative carpet cleaning services to help office managers better manage their workplace.

Amount of carpet cleaning in the office

The number of office visitors reflects how often office carpets need to be cleaned to prevent dust, grime, and other germs. A regular vacuum cleaner can hardly do. Old stains and odors can become permanent fixtures on your carpet if not professionally cleaned. Other contaminants and allergens also hide deep inside the carpet fibers, making them invisible to the naked eye and causing allergies and disease.

See how the magic works

  • Carpet Shampoos and Extracts

The cleaning machines press the cleaning agent against the carpet with high pressure. Table mats are rinsed thoroughly with foam to separate dust, dirt, and other particles from the fibers. Then squeeze the mixture of moss and dirt off the carpet, leaving a cool floor on the tabletop.

  • Spot pretreatment

Use an appropriate cleaning solution to remove unsightly stains from office carpets. This will help dissolve the stain and speed up the stain removal process in the next few steps. Removes coffee stains, dirty fingerprints, grease, and grime from your desktop pad in seconds!

  • Industrial quality vacuum cleaner

Before moving on to the next step, use an industrial vacuum to remove hair, dead skin cells, dirt, and other large debris from your desktop.

  • Individual customer service

Each customer is assigned a personal account manager. Customers can contact their Account Manager if they have any concerns or questions about the carpet cleaning process.

Service satisfaction guaranteed

Quality assurance of carpet cleaning services at Nimbus doesn’t pretend to talk about quality; they set an example. If you are not satisfied with the usual post-renovation cleaning, they offer a complimentary cleaning service.

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