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Learn how to make sure your child has fun on the playground

 Here are some safety tips parents should remember:

  • In 안전놀이터, the floor beneath play facilities and surrounding areas must be covered with a layer of soft material deep enough to cushion a fall. The best materials are wood chips, mulch for gardening or rubber, sand or chippings. Grassy soil and the earth are risky because they can harden under the effect of weather changes.
  • Examine the playground equipment to identify sharp areas or rusty surfaces that may be dangerous to the touch.
  • Elevated facilities such as slides or climbing structures must have guardrails or other barriers to prevent children from falling.
  • Show your child not to pick up or play with the trash on the floor and tell him or her to warn any adult who is watching him if he finds pieces of glass or syringes.
  • Watch him while he plays to prevent any dangerous or risky behavior.
  • Make sure he is using equipment that suits his age. In general, if children can not reach a structure, they should not play it.
  • Remove drawstrings from clothing, scarves, or other items that could become caught or caught in playground structures.
  • Make sure your child’s clothes and shoes are well fastened to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Avoid going down the slides with a toddler or toddler. It is safer, in fact, to let children slide on their own.
  • Know how to administer first aid in case your child gets hurt.
  • Give your child safety tips in playgrounds for children to learn to be safe.
  • Always wash your child’s hands and yours as you come back from the playground, especially if you have played in the sandbox. You could also use a hand sanitizer. It is important to wash your hands, as the bin may contain animal excrement that has stopped during the night. Your child could become ill if, for example, touching feces with his hands, he puts them in his mouth or touches his food with his hands immediately before eating them.


Safety rules that children should learn and understand

  • Remind your child that the playground is a public place to share with other children.
  • Teach him to wait patiently for his turn to use the equipment.
  • Show him how to play with caution and treat other children as he would like to be.
  • Tell him to stay away from swings and grips or grab bars from moving equipment.
  • Remind him to hold the railings of the structures.
  • Teach him, when descending into a slide, to always set his feet up first and place his hands close to the body.

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