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Humidifier: Is It Safe To Put It Next To Your Bed?

Most of us do everything to take care of our bodies everyday. Some people look after their bodies with the food they eat, whereas other people make more effort to exercise frequently. Numerous people are effortful to make changes in their environment that are beneficial to wellbeing. For instance, when the air is excessively dry, it can cause dry skin and have adverse effects on sinuses. Hence, many people prefer to keep a humidifier inside the rooms where they often stay.

Mostly, people place their humidifiers in the bedroom close to their beds. However, does putting your humidifier next to your bed safe for your body? Basically, it is not a good idea. Doing so can possibly result in harmful effects. But how?

It depends on the type of humidifier

As the name would recommend, humidifiers are intended to moist the dry air. It is designed to aid health problems like dry skin, allergies, sinuses, and respiratory problems. Whereas other humidifiers work differently. Some are designed to produce cool mist instead of warm mist. Others have ultrasonic vibrations to throw finer droplets in the air.

During the cold seasons, warm mist humidifiers are the most sought after. However, among all these kinds of humidifiers, the warm mist humidifier is the most hazardous one to have next to your bed for many different reasons.

The Unique Features of the Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

What makes them dangerous?

The danger will also depend on the type of humidifier. If you go for a mist humidifier and put it next to your bed, it may be dangerous. The warm mist humidifier works by heating the water inside it up to its boiling point. The water reaches the boiling temperatures. As you could imagine, the humidifier could fall onto the ground or onto you that might cause burns.

Other humidifiers should be more distant from your bed because too much humidity can also be a bad thing. If not properly cleaned, your humidifier may spread mold in the moisturized air that can cause various health problems, particularly those who have weak immune systems. For this, the most important thing you should do is properly clean your humidifier regularly.

Where can you put it?

Humidifiers are often placed in the living room where the whole family regularly can altogether get the benefit it provides. It’s also a typical idea to place inside the bedrooms to keep it moisturized all night and get up in the morning feeling relaxed and refreshed. But the best spot to put a humidifier is the place you believe you need it the most. So whether it is in the bedroom or the living room, make sure that it is where you will get the most of its benefit.

Moreover, manufacturers and experts mostly suggest placing humidifiers a couple of feet off the ground to keep the floor from getting moist and slippery. Also, to avoid mold from forming, especially if it’s near the carpet.

Sleeping with it every night

It is highly recommended to sleep with the best humidifiers every night if you really want to enjoy its refreshing and health benefits fully. Improved sleep and snoring, moistened dry throats, comfortable sinuses, reduced risk of airborne infections, soft and moisturized skin are just some of the health benefits you can get from sleeping with a humidifier at night.

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