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How to play lotto?

To play Lotto, tick 6 numbers on a grid of 40 numbers using a black pen or pencil. A Loto game bulletin includes 5 grids or 10 grids. The stake is only Rs 20 per combination. You can also play your numbers for several draws by checking the number of draws you want to the right of the ballot ( Multiple Draws You can also play the Quick  lotto Pick option. This is the machine that randomly chooses 6 numbers for you. Submit your newsletter to an official National Lottery retailer and your payment. He will validate your newsletter and give you an official ticket.


This trick to win the lotto can be combined with the previous one to multiply your chances in an incredible way. Actually, the thing may seem silly, but if you play the same grid several times, you have statistically less luck than if you play different grids on the same draw. Indeed, on the same draw, fewer numbers are covered, and therefore your chances of winning lotto certainly decrease.

For example, if you play 10 times a single grid over a month, try playing 10 grids at one time. In this way, you multiply your chances of winning the lotto by 10 lotto and even by 100 if you play in a group with 9 other players! The statistics are clear on this: where a lambda player has a chance on 19 million to win, your chances are one in 190 000. And all that, having spent the same amount if n is even less than a lambda player. Maximize your chances, so it’s possible!

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