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How to choose wedding dresses for pear-shaped body

In the case of the pear-shaped body, the upper body is less heavy as compared to the bottom and there is an imbalance in the body ratio. So while choosing wedding dresses for pear shaped body, it is important to choose the ones that will draw attention away from the hips that are wide and move it to the upper body part and the defined waist too.

The dress should be able to create an illusion that the upper body is voluminous and the waist should be emphasized. The lower body should be somewhat hidden to give a balanced look of the silhouette.

How to highlight the upper body:

You can add more weight visually to the bust and shoulder area. This will de-emphasize the thighs and hips and create a balance.

  • Structured shoulders are a great idea that would widen the shoulder area visually.
  • You can use an elegant push-up bra with wedding dresses for a pear-shaped body to help give your chest a lifted look.
  • For the upper body choose clothes of bright colors.
  • Tops should be attractive and can contain eye-catching textures, prints, and strategic details.
  • Fitted clothes will accentuate the waistline.
  • You can choose layered clothes on the top half that would make it more appealing visually and draw attention upwards.
  • Do not choose boxy tops that would hide your waist.

Also, make sure to hide the lower body area so that you look slimmer and attractive.

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