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Get online background checks done while sitting in the comfort of your home or office

Do you want to have background check for someone but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars paying P.I. for it? Have you shifted to a new neighborhood and want to know of sex offenders in your neighborhood? If your answer to both the above questions is yes, then look no further than and know about the top 5 trusted background check sites.

trusted background check sites

Some of the reasons why you might use are:

  1. We are extremely simple to use and are available on your laptops, desktops, mobile phones and even tablets. You also do not need to visit multiple websites to find information, sometimes unreliable, about the same person. Just visit us and know about the most authentic and trustworthy websites for background checks – anywhere and everywhere.
  2. TruthFinder websites are extremely simple to use. All you need to do is enter the first name, last name, probable location and gender of the person you are looking for and press enter. Voila! Within a few second you will be taken to a page that displays information about the person you are searching for. You will not only look at his online profile but even have information about his traffic offences, misdemeanors, sex offences, arrest records, felonies and court records; if any. Their accuracy rate is the reason why lists them in the top 5 background search places.
  3. The websites we list take you a step further and even help you get in touch with friends or acquaintances you have lost touch with and want to reconnect with. By following the above mention method, you can get information about an old friend’s phone number and current address. They have a number of filtering options to help you narrow down your search.
  4. Since the websites we list update their data base every 24 hours, you can be assured of the most accurate and up to date results. So, no more goof ups when doing a background check.
  5. These websites do not compromise on security and uses encrypted servers to disable leak of information all over the internet.

All you need to do to get access to the above websites is to buy a package at a nominal monthly or recurring fee. So buy a package and get started on doing background checks without breaking your bank.


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