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Feeling like renting on a P plate

P plates indicate that the vehicle’s driver is on probation (indicating you are a relatively new qualified driver). Although not required, it is strongly advised that you use them once you have passed your driving test since they assist in notifying other road users that you are a novice driver and are more patient. One can use a P plate car rental service to rent a car to drive on probation.

Is it necessary to utilize P Plates?

Once you’ve passed your test, it’s suggested that you use them until you feel comfortable driving alone in various settings and weather conditions. Unfortunately, most newly licensed drivers dislike these probationary plates since they are uncool and too similar to L Plates. However, if this is the case, you should maintain a set in your car. You should utilize them if you are driving on a highway for the first time or visiting a new location.

P plate car rental

lower your chances of getting involved in an accident

Even while it could be thrilling, it might also be risky. Compared to Learners, those with P1 licenses have the highest probability of getting in a car accident.

Driving at Night

Provisional drivers are more likely to have accidents, especially on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. It’s recommended to avoid these periods since other drivers might be dangerous on the road.

Failure to drive in the correct lane

Head-on collisions are most likely in the right lane. Only utilize the right lane while passing another car.


Mobile phones, including hands-free sets and loudspeakers, are not permitted to be used while driving. Don’t allow poor drivers to bother you, even nearby! Maintain your patience and keep your distance from them.

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