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Everything’s fireproof now

            Have you ever lost a bunch of valuables to a fire, and you’re wondering now if there was ever a way to save it. Well there was and still is, it’s called a safe box. A fire resistant safe box from Singapore, it doesn’t have to be only form Singapore either.

Why is this important?

            Having a fire resistant safe box is extremely important if you’ve lost valuables or important documents before. Because it will keep it safe no matter what. Plus it helps in keeping it safe from other climate disasters as well. No more destroying your valuables.

What to know before you buy one

            So when you buy a fire resistant safe box Singapore or anywhere else you must know a couple of things. Like for the fact that it is fire resistant for about and hour or an hour and half, it can last longer than that. Don’t assume that it will protect from burglaries, the gauges in it can be broken into easily. Furthermore make sure that it is the right size and weight for you.


      A fire resistant safe box price depends on a number of factors, like the quality of it, the size, the company and so on. If you choose to get a small and quaint one it would cost you around $50. But if you want something larger and more high tech it will exceed the $100 mark. Overall you don’t want to be spending too much on safe if it’s just fireproof.

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