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Diamond art painting- a stress-free activity

Diamond art painting is the recent trending hobby but what exactly diamond art painting means? Diamond art painting is a creative work which involves sticking off diamond jewels to get a pattern to look like a mosaic. Diamond art painting is a combo of paint by numbers and also cross stitch. you have to apply many tiny diamonds to create diamond art. If you are looking to spend your time doing something creative like the diamond painting you must visit Diamond Art.

How to use diamond painting kit

When you buy a diamond painting kit, it has everything you need to get started. Once you receive the package you must remove all the items from it.  Take canvas, diamonds, tweezers, wax pads, and toolkits. You will get different colours of diamonds and some of them are round in shape and some of them are square.

Diamond Art

Place your canvas on a perfectly flat and smooth surface.  Separate the diamonds of the same colour and pour them into the tray. Choose the section of the canvas where you want to start the painting.  To upright the diamond shake them lightly.  Apply wax to the tip of a diamond pen. The wax acts as a diamond magnet so that the diamond gets attached to the diamond pen.

Every symbol determines a specific colour on the canvas. Choose the symbol or character and place the diamond over the canvas.  The colours are denoted by threads and you can field protective film that is present in small sections and you can start your painting.  Painting is finished once you stick all the diamonds in the respective areas.

Each diamond painting kit consists of a canvas which is already printed, different coloured diamonds, a diamond pen, a pair of tweezers and a wax pad. Before ordering the kits you must know where you are getting the kit and how it is packed and what all the items you are getting in the kit. You can get different varieties of canvas which are already printed based upon your choice. After finishing the painting you can hang it on a wall. The kids are available based on your levels of painting. the kids r available separately for beginners and also available for advanced crafters who can paint the canvas with complicated paintings. The Canvas comes in different art pieces and motivational quotes. Not only painting on canvas, but you can also diamond paint on pictures, bookmarks, hair clips, keychains, stickers etc.

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