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Calls are not being received by the Google Pixel phone

Modern cell phones are compact computers that may fit in your pocket. Phones used to be able to just perform three things: create and receive calls, and send text messages. Technology has advanced so quickly that your phone is now more powerful than your PC. No, this isn’t a joke. One of the most famous phones on the market is the Google Pixel. It’s quick, has a lot of useful features, and has an amazing price-quality ratio. Furthermore, Google ensures that new Pixel phones will receive three years of software upgrades. However, like with any technology, Google Pixel may occasionally fail to function properly. Many customers have claimed that the gadget does not accept incoming calls. It seems to be that Pixel 5 owners are particularly plagued by this problem. Let’s get started on solving this riddle. Why am I not accepting incoming Google Pixel calls? To get answer read below. There are 7 Causes and Fixes Google Pixel 6 Can’t Receive Calls. Here few are listed.

Reboot Your Phone

This easy operation might assist you in removing small software issues that may be causing the Phone app to malfunction. Keep the Power button pressed until you are smart phone goes off. Wait two minutes before turning on your phone.

Delete the Cache

If the Phone app becomes damaged and stops working properly, deleting the cache may recover its functionality. Navigate to Settings Apps & Notifications See all Phone Storage Clear cache Clear storage Remove all cache files if possible to free up space on your device.

Samsung Android phones Turn off the Battery Saving Mode

The Google Pixel includes an intense battery-saving mode that switches off applications you haven’t used in a long time. If you seldom make and receive phone calls, the battery saver may have closed the Phone app and is now blocking it from re-launching. So, go to Settings Battery Saver and disable the option. Read the 7 Causes and Fixes Google Pixel 6 Can’t Receive Call to know more.

Reset Your Smartphone

Resetting your Pixel phone is a last resort. Remember that this step may destroy your data, so make a backup of any important data before restoring your device.  Go to Settings Backup & Reset Factory Reset Device Reset. Choose Erase everything to begin the procedure. Once the reset procedure is complete restart your phone. Later see whether you can again accept calls. If your contacts are unable to reach you on your Google Pixel phone, update the operating system, clear the cache, turn off power saving mode, and turn off call forwarding.

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