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Buying A Used Car? 4 Things You Should NEVER Do

Buying a used car can be a stressful experience, especially when you don’t know what to look for. If you’re buying used cars in tucson, there are some things you should never do. If you keep these four things in mind, however, it will make the process much less stressful and much more fun!

  1. Buy the first car you see.

It’s tempting to buy the first car you see, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. You should never be in a hurry to buy a used car. Take your time and look at as many cars as possible so you can find the right one for you.

And don’t settle for the first car you see just because it seems cheap or shiny (this is especially true if it’s shiny).

  1. Skip a test drive.

There are a lot of things you can do in a used cars in tucson before you buy it, but one of the most important is actually getting behind the wheel and driving it. That’s because this is your opportunity to see how well the car drives, as well as get a feel for its overall condition. You can also test out various features and functions that may be important to you, such as air conditioning and cruise control in older vehicles; fuel economy; performance (e.g., horsepower); handling; braking; acceleration; sound systems and entertainment options; etc.

  1. Forget to check the car’s history.

There are many reasons you should check the car’s history. If it was stolen or involved in a flood or fire, you run the risk of getting a bad title. Also, when checking for accidents, make sure that they are not serious enough to cause extensive damage to any vital components of your vehicle. It may help to have someone with knowledge of cars look over these reports as well because sometimes there is information that only an expert would know about!

used cars in tucson

  1. Fail to get an inspection by an independent mechanic.

You should get an inspection by a mechanic before you buy a used car. If you can’t find an independent mechanic to do this, ask the dealer for the name of their preferred mechanic and go there.

You’ll want to look at the undercarriage of the vehicle, especially around suspension components, brakes, exhaust system and tires. Make sure there aren’t any leaks on those areas too; if there are, it might indicate problems with other parts of the car as well!

The best way to find out about these things is with expert help from someone who knows what they’re doing—like me! But don’t worry if that isn’t possible for now: Just use common sense when shopping around for a used model (and remember Rule 1).


Buying a used car is not an easy task, but if you keep in mind these four things, it will be much easier. The most important thing is to always do your homework before buying!

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