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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Drawing Tablet

I am sure many of you have seen artists and graphic designers use a tablet-like device to draw and display pictures on their computers. A drawing tablet or a graphics tablet is an input device that includes a tablet-like platform and a pen that comes along with it for you to be able to draw whatever you want and possibly build it further using other available tools and software. There are many online drawing classes that have tutorials on how to use a drawing tablet. Today, we look at a few advantages and disadvantages that could help you decide whether to invest in a drawing tablet or not.


  1. It is accessible by everyone and anyone. A lot of people are not really that familiar with professional tools available like Photoshop, Maya and such similar software, so a graphics tablet can be very beneficial in these kinds of situations.
  2. It can be very accurate. Since the user is using a pen to draw it on a board, it’s very similar to drawing something onpaper. This gives the user the freedom to draw without any restrictions.
  3. It is compatible with most of the readily available software. Artists often combine a software or two along with the drawing tablet to create a lot of unique and beautiful images.
  4. If you are an eco-friendly person wants to absolutely avoid using papers, a drawing tablet is the best alternative as it is capable of producing high-quality images without compromising on the accuracy.


  1. Drawing tablets are expensive. If you’re a small-time artist or maybe drawing is just a hobby of yours, a drawing tablet could be a huge investment, and it most will not be worth your money if you’re not using it on a regular basis.
  2. Drawing tablets are not really useful for general purpose. If you’re alternating between a drawing tablet and a mouse, then doing even simple tasks on the computer with a pen on the drawing pad could be very frustrating.
  3. Using a pen for extended periods of time could be very inconvenient compared to using a mouse. It could start hurting your hand after a while, so taking frequent breaks is encouraged while using a drawing tablet.

Depending on what kind of an artist you are, investing in a drawing tablet could either be really beneficial or prove to be worthless. If the advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages, then I suggest you go ahead and buy it.

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