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Video Surveillance: Choosing the right system

The safety is certainly the area of most concern to people, even today with the current climate. With evolving technology and mindsets, surveillance cameras are increasingly being used. However, even as technology evolves and prices drop, there are many questions to be asked to equip properly. product videography singapore So today we will see how to choose your video surveillance system.

How many cameras for a video surveillance system?

Of course, one element that will weigh in the decision will be the cost. The more cameras you put in, the higher the bill for the entire video surveillance system will be. It is, therefore, necessary to first determine the needs.

product videography singaporeproduct videography singapore

By playing with the position and the different angles of view available today on the cameras, it is possible to monitor large areas with a reduced video surveillance system. Example here with the plan of a “traditional” house. Here, two cameras are placed outside (think to take cameras adapted to the outside ), each on one side of the house, which watches product videography singapore  the entrances along the whole length of the house. Another is installed in a corner of the living room, which is chosen with a wide-angle to cover the entire room. The living room is an obligatory passage through its main entrances (statistically the thieves all the same use the doors and French windows), by its unique access to the floor and finally by its valuables (audio-video equipment). A fourth camera could be placed on the landing upstairs, mandatory passage also if you want to go to the rooms. In this example, with only four cameras, the video surveillance system covers the principal of the house.

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