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The keys to do well in physics

Work and effort is the secret to pass any type of exam. But there are many people who still spend a lot of time fail to pass some subjects, it is time to ask, am I studying well? Physics is one of those subjects. Today we are going to share some tips regarding doing well in Physics. Click here for jc physics tuition singapore.

Assimilate concepts

What most people understand by studying? Sit at the blank agenda, without knowing anything, other than the explanation of the teachers and start reading. What in most subjects is the only thing to do in physics or chemistry is only the first step. Within this phase we must:


Read the concepts and understand them, the sooner we do better. Understanding is something basic, therefore it is important but only the beginning. Visit this site for jc physics tuition singapore.


Nobody stays with the idea at first and retains it. One trick is to make small cards and check them before bed or at the same time every day.

It facilitates learning

Use schemes or drawings and paste them in your room as a poster so it will be much easier to study. When it comes to practice, you can leave problems in books and notebooks and stir them every time you encounter one.

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Land the concepts

Once understood, it only remains to retain them and know how to put them into practice. It is one of the things that differentiate physics and chemistry from other subjects. Once you understand and master the terms you have to know how to apply them.


It is important not to memorize if something has not been understood, but once you understand it, it must be retained in the mind in any way. You can use very useful mnemonic rules.


There is no other way to learn physics or chemistry than exercising. When the exam is approaching you can make models of previous exams.

Study in a group

In science subjects it is always a good idea. If you study in a group you can compare exercises and know what you are doing well and what you are doing wrong, without waiting for class time.

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