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Techniques for choosing your winning lottery numbers

Playing the online lottery is obviously very fun! Let’s talk the truth; winning the lottery is the dream of all of us. Thanks to this article, you will discover what are the best ways to choose your winning numbers!

People use various techniques to choose their lucky numbers to play the online lottery. Are they effective? We will help you decide.

Numerology and astrology

At the top of our list lottoland  is a somewhat mystical method, to choose numbers. Many people seek inspiration in the world of astrology and numerology. Some even manage to earn money by choosing lucky numbers for the players. All types of visionaries say they know how to find a combination of winning numbers. Our question is: if they know how to win in the online lottery why do not they use those skills for themselves? If you think you need astrological help, you can always check your lucky numbers in our monthly free horoscope. Of course, there are known stories of players who win with the help of astrology, however, looking at the statistics, we see that they are a minority.

Important numbers

Many people who play the online lottery like to use numbers that are important to them. Family birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, etc., are numbers frequently used in lottery bets. That’s because we are sentimental and touch so personal in the bet, can make us even happier. The disadvantage of this choice of numbers is the variety of them.

Players often use low numbers that are often very similar. This reduces the probability of winning because these combinations of random numbers are very rare. This situation can be remedied in a strategic way. In other words, trying to differentiate and make different combinations. For example, your wife’s birthday can have a single digit number; it is possible to touch the date by the number that represents your age, which would have two digits. The great advantage of using important numbers for players is that thanks to their emotional connection to the combination, it is easier to play regularly. A systematic game naturally promotes victory.



Many players of the online lottery have already won thanks to several types of mathematical calculations. Even everyone knows the story of the mathematical lottery winner who has won several times. Some choose numbers to be played by analyzing the results of previous draws. They count how many times each number has been drawn and they choose the most popular ones for their bets. Others use the same method, but instead of the most popular numbers, they choose those that were not drawn for a long time. After all, it is impossible that some numbers have never been drawn.

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