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          Safe keeping of the valuable items in a house is a very old concept that people of all societies have been doing for centuries. The new age of the internet has brought in innovative developments in the area as well. The locks are a very important object in any household and the simple lock has come a very long way till what it is today. The locks that we have today have come in many shapes and sizes and the utility is also very versatile as they can be fitted to different types of cabinet doors. One such multi utility locks are the cam locks that can be fitted in any cabinet door big or small and it can be fitted inside without anyone having to know about it.

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New mechanism:

  • The mechanism by which the lock operates is quite new and interesting.
  • It has to be attached on the inside of the cabinet door and there is a turning lever which opens and shuts the doors as the key is used on it.
  • They are very elegant to look and they give neat appearance to the cabinet doors instead of protruding outside of it.
  • They are fitted on to the joints of the door so that it adds to the safety feature of the cabinets.
  • The cam locks are a new technology that will ensure the security of your valuables of any kind.

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