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Find the effective way to estimate Amazon sales volume

All Amazon sellers and 3rd party sellers use the Amazon Sales estimator tool to determine their sales rank of the specific product. Owners of Amazon businesses rely on it for their success. With the fluctuation of Sales Rank (similar to the stock market), it is profitable or loses a large amount of money for the big sellers.

Each product in a category on Amazon has a ranking that represents its popularity within that category, and the ranking of the product is calculated by the sales. Based on other items in that category, a Sales Rank interval can be as small as 1 or as large as infinitely high. Likely, you aren’t seeing large sales numbers when the number is high. You’re likely seeing good, if not excellent, sales volumes when the number is low. The Sales Rank of an item indicates when it was last sold. You need high sales velocity if you want to improve your sales ranking.

It all depends on what you are selling compared to others in the same category or selling the same item. Despite Amazon not providing sales figures directly, they publicly display product rank, which allows us to estimate sales.

To find a Product Best Sellers Rank aka Sales Rank, there are two main methods. One is to manually search for it on Amazon. You can also use one of many available 3rd party tools.

Tools that help to provide sales estimate

Once you understand it, it makes perfect sense. Best-selling products (BSR) in each category tend to sell the most. The second-best-selling product sells less than the first one. According to Amazon’s algorithm, Best Sellers Rank (BSR) is calculated by comparing the number of times a particular product has been ordered with how many times other products in the same category have been ordered.

We know that Amazon does not publish any information on Sales Volume, so the only way to find the sales estimate is with the help of 3rd party tool. It shows only a rough estimate. Here’s how it works. A sales estimator tracks multiple products and adds them together in a basket to view the current in-stock quantity. Their estimate of how many items were sold during the day is based on the daily change. Based on the rank and category of sales, they compare the sales. You can do the same with millions of products, and you can estimate any category and any sales rank. Find out the best sales estimator tools at here Since it’s impossible to track all the products and all the sales ranks manually. So you have to try out the 3rd party sales estimator tools to determine the best-selling products.

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