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Elements of a crisis communication plan

The crisis is events which occur unexpectedly or without any notice. This crisis needs a proper and quick response. Because of this, it is important to create a crisis communication plan. If your organization is a large one, you would need a crisis communication plan in order to respond to the different natural and man-made crisis.

A crisis plan which is well-managed can preserve there putation and brand of your organization. A crisis communication plan consists of certain elements and crisis communication equipment. We have down the common elements of crisis planning.

Detailed plan

Before the start of any work, proper planning is required. The plan should consist of proper outline and should also have the proper explanation about the ways in which your organization would go about a crisis and the ways in which it would handle the crisis.

The plan should include your plan’s purpose as to why the plan is required. It should also include the activation criteria in order to identify those who are able to activate the plan under different circumstances. The procedure, which will be followed, should also be included in the plan. It should include the individual who is responsible for different tools and different work.

Crisis communication team

The team for crisis communication has the responsibility of collecting the information and creating important messages along with working with the media. The team is also responsible for the monitoring of the response of the crisis. This plan includes identifying the crisis communication team’s members and describing them their roles. You need to select the spokesperson, receiver of the media calls and the person for handling the internal communication. You need to find the backups for every person and also keep the contact information of all the members of the team.

Key messages crisis communication equipment

You also need to consider the possible crises which your organization is likely to and could face in the future and develop and keep key messages ready which you would present in the response. You also need to be prepared for the various possible questions which the media could ask you and your draft responses to such questions. You also have to develop a grid assessment so that it can help you to determine the occurrence of the different crises types in your organization.


While making a crisis communication plan, you need to take care of all these elements and make sure that you add them too. A crisis communication plan should be well planned in order to have a successful impact.

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