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Do you want to have more followers on Instagram? Follow these tricks

Users of the social network increasingly seek to gain more followers, whether for fun, popularity or for commercial purposes.

Here you will find 11 creative ideas for an attractive profile on Follower bei Instagram  that will help you attract more followers to your profile and have a better management of the social network.

Profile with emoticons:

To make the profile look more attractive and pleasant you can add emoticons, on the Google keyboard. Touch the key where a face appears (bottom left) and then the face key.

Celebrities can make you get more followers:

Choose an Instagram account of someone famous and follow him and let him continue several times. This will be perceived by some fans of that person, who will not hesitate to follow you.

See photos and videos that you have done I like:

Order chronologically, photos and videos. You must go to options (touching the three points in the upper right corner). You can also access Account and there by touching the publications that you liked.

Instagram FollowerResend photos privately to your followers:

Access the photo or video you want to send and tap the arrow icon that appears below the photo. You can see a list of the followers and accounts that you follow. Tap the account you want and the photo will be sent to you in a completely private way, as if you were sending it through WhatsApp.

Use Instagram filters without publishing:

Save these photos in the gallery with the filters applied without having published them. To do this, disable the device’s Internet connections (or simply activate the airplane mode), then touch the publish button and take the photo or select one from the gallery. Then, apply the filters you want and publish it as if you wanted to do it.

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