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Year: 2019

David Steinberg

A Sneak Peek at David Steinberg

Talented, driven, and visionary…those are three adjectives that you can define David Steinberg as. He is the man behind a number of successful businesses made for the modern world. At the moment, he is best known to be the founder of Zeta Global.

Although, Steinberg continues to look for new challenges and new opportunities as well. Zeta is just one of his ventures since the beginning of his career. He founded his first company in 1993. From then on, he is considered an important influence in the technological world and in other areas.


He studied in Washington & Jefferson College to be able to earn a degree and seek to use his talents as well. Washing & Jefferson is a private institution in Washington, Pennsylvania who takes pride in its liberal arts course. The course allowed him to learn the right tools to start his business. As early as two years after his graduation in 1991, Steinberg decided to start building up his first company, Sterling Cellular, Inc. The company started off with a basement location, his parents’ to be exact. In a year, the company was able to earn over a million in revenues.

A New World

After four years, Sterling Cellular, Inc. had a dozen locations with over twenty-two million in sales due to happy clients. But, Steinberg was not satisfied. He was adamant about using the internet to be able to have more sales. And just like that, he ended the company by selling it off. His next venture was Inphonic, Inc. Like his previous company, Inphonic, Inc. took off in just a snap. In their seven-year period, it earned hundreds of millions of dollars becoming the largest phones on the net seller in the world.

Working at XL Marketing Corp Prior to Zeta Global

He began another project in 2007, one that still allowed him to use his talents. That project is CAIVIS Acquisition Corp. His talents for this company involved scouting for different companies with potential. Then, he would use his skills and capital to lend them a hand with the opportunities the companies actually have. Their use of different media, which includes the internet, help the small companies they have purchased and helped them grow. He is also able to give those companies services that they require, like human resources that will enable them to expand market-wise and get be able to get capital. The strategies he had thought of led him to Zeta Global.

The David Steinberg Zeta Global is a data-driven marketing and CRM company integrating data, technology, and marketing services that aim to help brands acquire, grow, and retain customers.


Top 4 Qualities Of A Killer Podcast That You Should Do

When iPods god video, the world was introduced to podcasts, a type of audio blogging that tackles various topics. It was something that would drive sales in iPods and made it very popular over the years. Now the iPod is dead but the podcasts are very much alive. It’s still in the world wide web and even if it’s no longer just in iPods, its still called podcasts simply because people are used to calling it that way.

Although there are people that will recommend you that you should do podcasts, it’s actually hard to succeed in the field nowadays. That is because podcasts are very overrated now and there are already so many podcasts that are around that if you plan to ever have one, you need to really step up your game and really work hard to make it profitable. There are a few formulas to a good podcast like the ones mentioned below.

You need a killer introduction: The introduction is the first impression. It doesn’t have to be clickbait, but it has to be compelling, intriguing that even if some random person sees your podcast that they will be drawn to it even if your genre isn’t what they are looking for on the first place. Some are really good at that, thus there are plenty of examples that you can refer to.

Have a good topic: Your killer introduction might have worked to reel the customer in, but keeping them engaged until they reach the finish will need a different approach. As long as you got a good or interesting topic, people will go to you. There are already so many good topics that are out there like current events, conspiracies and many many more. As long as you got a good topic then people won’t mind listening to your podcast.

Be a good host: Being a good host doesn’t mean that you have to lose yourself. Being a good host doesn’t mean that you have to undermine everyone. It just simply means that you need to be yourself and you need to act like you have a guest because you have for the most part if you’re into a talk show type. Also, you need to be able to connect to your audience. The more connected you are, the more engaging your customers will be.

You Need to listen: If you got followers or critics, don’t be a sour grape and hate everyone that gives you comment. Think of some comments objectively and see it as an opportunity for you to improve. There is no perfect podcast, but there are ways to make it successful.

Podcasts have already branched out as a primary product of the iPod, this is because there

Are already more media and mediums out there that can make it more successful. If you want to be successful with your podcast there are things that you need to consider because every successful podcast has. Like the ones mentioned above and just like what SOFREP has been doing all this time.


Stress-free movement for military families

For those in the army, relocation is another part of the job. As a military spouse, I have had this experience more than once, and it is always stressful. But you can ease the movement. Just remember that you have chosen your partner and a military lifestyle with full knowledge of its ups and downs, this is a great way to keep things in perspective. Simply put, you really love this military guy or girl! And wherever he goes, you too will go. So, let’s go.

To begin with, the army recommends that you begin the relocation process as soon as you or a family member receives a standing resettlement order. The sooner you request a date to move from your current home to your new home, the more likely you are to get your desired date, and everything will be easier.

Relocation Benefits Available to Military

Meet with the transport office of your military base immediately. Be sure to get the necessary information and forms needed by the army to process your move. Find out about benefits that may be available to your family, including travel allowance for other expenses and temporary housing benefits.


The military can choose whether they want the government to hand over their things to them or do it on their own. The do-it-yourself (DITY) program allows military personnel to move their property and pays 95% of what the state would have to send everything.

Your new home

Find out everything you can about your new community at SOFREPnews before you move. You will want to know everything from the weather to local attractions. If you have children, find out about the school system and identify local activities that you and your family can participate in when they are. Share interesting facts that you discover with your spouse and children. Build the wait. The more your children crave to live in their new home, the easier it will be for them to move.

oversized shirts style

The world now welcomes online fashion stores

Fashion or style, as we call it, is a new trend, and people like to flaunt their style. From shopping malls to online fashion stores, the term “revolution” has changed and become a basic necessity, not just a source of livelihood. Fashion error has bitten everyone, from men, women to children, and is no longer an age trend.

When the word fashion appears, many names and countries appear that reflect fashion and traditions. One of these heavily infected nations is Malaysia, known for its mystical natural aura with a touch of technology. Geographically, an island-sized country is home to more than thirteen states. In a country with a population of more than thirty million people, there is a place for everything from fashion to tradition. The country’s culture is a mixture of Indian and Chinese culture, which represents traditions and even fashion in its cuisines. The demographics of the country replenish the list of fashionable madness in the country. The average age of people in the country between 25 and 35 years is an additional advantage for the majority of the fashionable population.

oversized shirts style

Online shopping

Online shopping in the country is one of the latest trends, and the country is going to reach the top of the list of online shoppers. Although travel dominates the fashion of t shirt vintage 50 50, it is not far from the list. People in the country love to shop, and online shopping is another trend in the country. From the streets to the elegant shopping centers of the city, people love to buy, buy and just buy! The fact that online shopping is just one click away and the search for the best collection is just one click away, people in the country no longer need to roam the streets looking for their favorite jeans or dresses.

When it comes to online street fashion mens stores, everything is simple, like on the Internet, choosing the right one, entering a credit card number, and the order will be shipped or delivered within a few days. Given the type of credit card ad campaigns that run across the country, finding the right one to suit your needs is not a big deal. However, there are certain people who still do not trust online shopping and consider it unsafe or reliable.

play lotto

How to play lotto?

To play Lotto, tick 6 numbers on a grid of 40 numbers using a black pen or pencil. A Loto game bulletin includes 5 grids or 10 grids. The stake is only Rs 20 per combination. You can also play your numbers for several draws by checking the number of draws you want to the right of the ballot ( Multiple Draws You can also play the Quick  lotto Pick option. This is the machine that randomly chooses 6 numbers for you. Submit your newsletter to an official National Lottery retailer and your payment. He will validate your newsletter and give you an official ticket.


This trick to win the lotto can be combined with the previous one to multiply your chances in an incredible way. Actually, the thing may seem silly, but if you play the same grid several times, you have statistically less luck than if you play different grids on the same draw. Indeed, on the same draw, fewer numbers are covered, and therefore your chances of winning lotto certainly decrease.

For example, if you play 10 times a single grid over a month, try playing 10 grids at one time. In this way, you multiply your chances of winning the lotto by 10 lotto and even by 100 if you play in a group with 9 other players! The statistics are clear on this: where a lambda player has a chance on 19 million to win, your chances are one in 190 000. And all that, having spent the same amount if n is even less than a lambda player. Maximize your chances, so it’s possible!

cheap car rental deals

The Importance of Car Rental Services for Corporate Employees

Each company, regardless of its size and reputation, should put the safety and convenience of its employees at the top of its agenda. In addition to impeccable infrastructure and equipment, some companies from List A also offer house selection and eviction services. In these cases, the guards accompany the driver in the cabin, and if the employee works on the night shift, he is the first to get in or leave it in front of male colleagues. Unfortunately, such security measures were taken by several IT companies in the city. There are many more corporate organizations that do not provide any vehicles.

Read the following excerpt for details:

Help employees get to the workplace on time:

Vehicles are of paramount importance in a modern professional atmosphere. All employees want to receive compliments and get the best reviews in order to arrive at the office on time. But not many can achieve this, thanks to the รถ เช่า พร้อม คน ขับ เชียงราย pantip. Intensive traffic can be not only burdensome for the health of employees, but also pinch your wallet. According to a recent survey, maximum employees deal with payroll deductions due to their late arrival at the office. Having a taxi rental service, the company can solve this problem. Well-known rental companies can provide corporate organizations with rental vehicles that can pick up their employees from their residences and leave them at the office without disputing the “entry time”. In addition, due to the possibility of fast delivery, employees can arrive home earlier than usual.


cheap car rental deals

A convenient option for employees:

With the support of a reliable taxi rental company, a corporate agency can use the best services at the best prices. With an efficient car rental service provider, a company can get pre-tested and high-performance taxis for its employees. In addition, a corporate organization can use a wide range of vehicles, including standard, premium, economical and luxury cars, to meet the transportation needs of its employees.

The online car rental service is an additional advantage:

Thanks to the Internet for solving many problems, and having a รถเช่าเชียงราย พันทิป service is undoubtedly one of them. First-class car rental companies in the city now offer quick and easy online car / bus reservations with which the company can rent cars with maximum ease. The company must fill out a short car reservation form to hire a taxi or bus for its employees. In addition, the organization must specify the type of four wheels / bus you want to rent, your contact details / addresses, delivery time and delivery time, etc. To get to the taxi on time!

Patrick Landau from Israel

The Business That Made Patrick Landau Who He Is Today

After Patrick Landau graduated at Lycée Paul Valéry in 1977, he knew that he wanted to get more education, but in the United States. He liked the educational system here so he decided that this is where he wanted to pursue his dream – to start his Talmudic studies. Patrick Landau is the man of many successes. But the businessman that you look up to in the business world today, was once a dreamer who also came from humble beginnings.

When he was studying at Harvard, he also started his political and diplomatic career. Eventually, he left the administration and began to focus more on his business in the U.S. What was he up to? You’re about to find out!

Business Ventures Of Patrick Landau

When he started launching himself into small businesses, he realized that coffee trade would be a success. In fact, he even brought it to Africa and also sold some at coffee roasters in France. It was on one of his business trips in 1986 when he met a woman who later on became his wife. They decided to move to London where he still continued his business. This is where he discovered more about the business world.

Patrick Landau from Israel

He also realized how people from different corporations were interested in his expertise. So he started to work with large businesses from all sectors including the military. This time, he became good at selling planes. He did this by playing as the middleman between the military and the large companies. He became really good at this to the extent that he started a merger and acquisition company. This small business bank continued until 2008 when they decided to move to Switzerland.

The move was a huge step for the family. This is where his new organization, Maydex, was born in Zurich. The name “Maydex” came from the acronym of the names of his children. This was put into place by teams of specialists who were specifically selected because of their geographic and sector-specific expertise. Patrick Landau became an international salesman in this multipolar world.

Through the years, Patrick Landau from Israel became involved in different discreet, international as well as innovative operations. In fact, he is convinced that he is one of the last of the old-fashioned consultants. He will never be the man that he is right now if not for the hard work and passion that he kept burning to achieve his goals in life.

Patrick Landau from Israel

Where to find reputation consultants

In an era where everything can be found on the Internet after clicking with the mouse, it is important to find reputation management consultants. Unfortunately, not all people understand what this implies or why it is important. Regardless of the type of work you do or the profession you practice, it is important to protect your reputation online.

However, you should remember to choose the right reputation management consultants, since not all are equal:

Is the consultant reliable?

If you choose an online reputation consultant, you should ask yourself if the company you are considering deserves trust or not. You should also ask yourself if the consultant has been verified by recognized third parties or not. What about your leadership team? Do the people who run the Internet company have experience with reputation management? These are some of the questions to help you find the right reputationPatrick Landau from Israel management consultants. Check if there are comments from clients of Internet consultants, in addition to obtaining more information about the company in which they work. Check if the consultants have a presence in social networks or not.

Patrick Landau from Israel

How are your services?

Before hiring the services of an online reputation management consultant, you should know if you intend to make a profit for your money or not. Feel free to ask them how their services work. Since this is associated with special strategies, and you may not understand everything they tell you, you still have to ask them questions. You have the right to ask, and if you don’t receive satisfactory answers, you have the right to refuse them. Find out if there are tasks you can do on your own, and do not depend on them in 100% of cases.

Cost of services

It is important to know how much an online management consultant will charge you for your services. You can find reliable reputation Maydexmanagement consultants among those who will tell you how much they will charge you for their services. If the price indicated by the consultants is higher, do not hesitate to choose other consultants. When looking for reputation management consultants, go to the services of someone who charges you through a multilevel payment system and not through a levelness system like Maydex.

commercial locksmith

What is the importance of professional locksmith service?

Having access to good and trustworthy locksmith services is very much essential and crucial for safeguarding oneself from all odds, although there might not be an immediate requirement. Contrary to the popular belief, a locksmith professional can perform more than getting to rescue the person when he is locked out of the home or car.

4 reasons for knowing professional locksmiths companies

  • Keeping the family protected 24/7/365: This is an aspect that no individual would like to compromise upon. By having access to a reputed locksmith service does help the individual to automatically derive peace of mind, since the family’s safety is always a concern that occupies the topmost priority. Besides, it is also important to keep away strangers, unwanted people and stray animals away from the place and avoid situations where they might otherwise invade the private property any time now. All the individual needs to do is to give a call to the professionals, explain them clearly the situation faced and ask them to do the needful.
  • Staying current by availing the latest options in regards to security as far as possible: With technology advancing at fast pace, it is very much important for the individual to use it to his benefit. He can put technology to good use in the home, vehicle or the business and have it protected in the right sense. The reliable locksmith does not only provide the individual with lowdown on the latest security and lock systems available in the market, but also assists to install them in the right manner.
  • Gcommercial locksmithetting assistance that is required immediately: The individual does not have an idea as to when he or any member of the family could be locked out of the house or car. Also, there could be a situation, where the key to the safe or just about anything could be lost. People tend to get panic at such situations, since they are not prepared adequately to face it. But, those, who have the contact details of well known and established locksmith companies, do not have to fear, since they know that on calling the professionals, help can be availed immediately and without any delay. For this reason, it would be better to have the contact details of more than one Locksmith Company whose office is located nearby.
  • Getting the desired results at affordable rates: By knowing the commercial locksmith companies in advance and by doing a thorough research on them, it becomes possible for the individual to avoid those expensive ones and to get hold of one that is not only prompt and offers high quality services, but is also affordable and reliable.

Services That You Will Receive At A Web Agency

A web agency is comprised of all the dedicated groups of the individuals sharing the view together on each and every aspect regarding the future of web technologies. The driving passion is generally to design the world where we all want to live. Web agency is generally a company of the designers, brand specialists, developers, dreamers, and technology geeks. The staff is generally here to revolutionize the view of the design, the world, and the IT in general by creating the colors brighter, outlook extended and the emotions deeper.

What are the Services they provide?

The coreservices include a full-service agency that offers the two core services

  1. Supremely creative UX/UI Website Development and Design that is focused on the Sales Funnel and the Data-Driven Analyses.
  2. Digital marketing which includes the Digital Marketing team for Consulting, the Organic SEO, and the Managed Paid Service alongside the Strategic creation of content and the Social Media.

Number of Employees: Well there are 14 consultants and the employees

The Services Include-

  • Web Design- It is basically the process of creating the websites that encompasses various different aspects consisting of the webpage layout, graphic design, and content production.
  • Interactive Design– It is a design of interactive services and the products wherein a focus of the designer goes way beyond the item.
  • Branding– The promotion of a specific product or the company via advertising and the distinctive design.
  • App Development-It is the process of developing an application for web and mobile devices like personal digital assistants.
  • Web Development-It refers to creating, building and maintaining the websites which includes aspects like web design, web programming, web publishing, and database management.

Above mentioned points were few of the services one will be getting via any web agency which will satisfy anybody.