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Month: June 2018


Everyone is going crazy after the 5th version of Grand Theft Auto, or gta 5 money hack , for its brilliant interface, better and more difficult challenges and an overall better gaming experience. But it is still a computer interface running programs to let you play the game, which is easy to trick and find cheats for! The internet is replete with hacks and codes to let you get your way in the game and have some more fun with it, but the most intriguing one of them all is the gta 5 hack money glitch.

What are glitches all about?

It is indeed frustrating to complete difficult tasks in gta money glitch and get a few pennies in return, which will let you buy almost nothing in the entire gameplay. You need to resort to robbing people and taking risks to be able to buy a house in the neighbourhood, which often lands the player in the risk of being a wanted fugitive. How breezy would this game be if the amount of money you had could be manipulated?

This can be done by taking advantages of the GTA V money glitch. But what is a glitch? A glitch can be identified by the following:

  • When a video game is released, it has a few bugs when it runs. These runs are not just visual, but sometimes also distort other factors of gameplay such as counts, speed, movement, storage, etc.
  • These physical shortcomings of a video game can be exploited to reap more or less of a feature in the game, making it more fun.
  • Once a player finds an error that occurs in a specific way and leads to a gain or loss for him, he can practice and learn to control this feature and insert clickable photos with link.

What are money glitches on GTA V?

GTA V money glitches are a result of these bugs and is characterised when a big amount of money gets encashed into the player’s arsenal for no reason, or a small cash reward gets converted into large sums of money. This can be done by abusing a mission or bugging the game externally in a certain way.

How to enable a money glitch on gta 5 money cheat ?

 Glitches are unofficial features of a game and are not exactly legal, but people with good practice and great command over the game tend to figure them out easily. There are many interesting hacks and ways available on the internet, including the popular ‘facility’ feature where you invite people to join your facility, drive your own car into the sea and kill your character, and have one of your friends gift you a car. This promises extra money, proving that money glitches are an exciting and very satisfying way of playing gta 5 money glitch !

The Mission To Make Industrial Metal Powders More Printable

More companies are exploring 3D printing to further the production of various industrial parts, including those made from metal. Though current capabilities show promise, one of the major obstacles affecting this pursuit is the quality of powdered materials used in the extrusion process. Now, there is an emerging industry of 3D printable metal powder producers that may revolutionize the way parts and components are created.

Typically, metal parts are formed starting with standard bar, block, or sheet metals, which are then machined and manipulated into various forms. For example, you can see how the diverse range of washers and shims available at requires an extensive stock of more than 20,000 square feet of raw material. The goal of some companies is to see that type of metal manufacturing stock exist in powdered form.

Image result for 3d metal powder

GE has made significant investments in printable metals and tech companies exploring their development, as shown through their acquisition of Advanced Powders & Coatings Inc. (AP&C), which is now a GE Additive Company. They are one of the fastest growing organizations in a rapidly changing industry.

Among the key challenges for making metal powders a viable alternative to more conventional materials are stringent requirements associated with additive manufacturing processes. As metal powders are extruded and layered to create various 3D forms, there can be issues with density, smooth flow of material, and consistency.

AP&C has focused on solving those problems through the development of powders that, according to representative Ethan Peress, “exhibit excellent flowability and a high packing density” when used with laser powder bed technology. In a video featured on, Peress explains how the minimal satellite contents and sphericity of AP&C’s titanium and nickel superalloy powders contribute to a more fluid additive manufacturing process and higher density printed parts.

The company states that these qualities result in an exceptional material that’s perfectly suited to this revolutionary manufacturing technology. They have also worked to address problems with packing and storing of such fine powders, as moisture and other environmental conditions can compromise quality and performance. AP&C has created their own specialized packaging method for mitigating such occurrences.

Though additive manufacturing with metals is still considered quite limited, these types of developments in powdered materials could accelerate the adoption of 3D printing technology by more industrial manufacturers.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe With Clothes From Stitch Fix

Picking out clothes whether online or in person is a hassle of its own. And for getting these clothes, you need to invest a lot of time. The time that this current generation seems not to have. When it comes to buying new clothes, there are many of us out there who are indecisive. Especially when it comes to certain occasions or for office purposes, buying clothes might seem very difficult. This problem can be easily solved. You can get clothes from stitch fix, an online website that selects clothes for you to wear.

A fancy solution

You can find many options online through the websites to buy clothes. For those who seem to have the trouble of picking one out of the many, stick fix comes to rescue. It is a website that is slowly gaining its popularity with time. It is a site through which, professional stylists will pick out the clothes you can wear daily or on occasions.  You need to fill out a questionnaire answering the questions on what style you like and everything related to that. It unquestionably is one of the best ways through which you can select the clothes and wear them.

How does this site work?

You can easily maneuver through this site without any difficulties as it is quite easy to understand and use. All you need to do is create an account and answer all the details regarding yourself and what kind of style of clothes you like. Based on these answers the clothes are selected. You can upgrade your wardrobe regularly, depending on the package that you choose. They have once in two weeks package, once a month package, once in two months and finally once in three months package. From here on everything is smooth sailing. You can select which clothes that you like the most from the options sent to you. You can keep and spend on the ones you fancy and return the ones that you don’t want.

They have style options for both men and women. Switch fix is one of the best sites to get your shopping problems sorted.