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10 reasons why tattoos are great and why the prejudices need to stop

Not everyone thinks tattoos are cool.  Not everyone should get a tattoo. Not everyone has been lucky enough to have a good idea or a good tattoo artist. But if you wear your 타투 proudly and happily, you don’t have to listen to the same sayings all your life just because others don’t like it.  Actually, it should have been clear for a long time that you shouldn’t judge anyone for having a little more or less color in their skin.


Here are 10 reasons tattooed people are absolutely happy with their decision.

  1. Tattoos are a great date compass. If someone only pays attention to the tattoos, whether positive or negative, you can see even better how superficial the person is.
  2. If you later no longer like a motif, it is still a witness of that time and is often a wonderful memory. By the way, when things get really bad, there are excellent tattoo artists who can cover slightly worse memories.
  3. Yes, even when you are older, they still look good. It’s not that your skin is losing shape.
  4. Each tattoo is a small work of art. We wear art all over our bodies in the form of clothing and jewelry.
  5. Whoever is tattooed shows consistency and commitment. It takes a lot to choose a tattoo for a lifetime.
  6. Have you ever thought that tattoos can also cover up scars and the like? Tattooed nipples are particularly popular with breast cancer patients.  Many people get a better self-esteem through such tattoos.
  7. My body is my temple. Basically anyone can do what they want with it, as long as they don’t hurt or destroy them.
  8. A tattoo can also be just beautiful and does not always have to have a deeper meaning.
  9. Tattoos are not a modern trend. People have been tattooed for thousands of years.  And only because of a few years of it, some people today still have prejudices and associate tattoos with criminals.
  10. A tattoo doesn’t change who you are! It doesn’t make you better, not worse, not nicer, not more unfriendly, not smarter, not more stupid.  In the end there is just a little more color in the skin.

In order to be able to apply a tattoo, the color must be injected into the skin with an appropriate needle. Serious illnesses are possible if hygiene is not observed in all respects. If the tattoo needle is contaminated, diseases such as hepatitis B and C, but also tetanus and of course HIV, i.e. AIDS, can be transmitted. Fungal infections can also spread this way.

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